Fun Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Easter is a Christian festivity of the Resurrection of Christ. It is being celebrated on the Sunday that follows the first full moon after the March equinox. It is a happy spring holiday. Bouquets of spring flowers, embellished Easter eggs, and Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs and jellybeans are the essential part of the fun. Easter without crafts would not add joy! There are many books and websites offer you many craft ideas for Easter.

The Easter egg is a great example of a tradition that began before many thousands of years. For ancient community, the honor of novel life was an egg. When a shell was broken, a fresh life came into the world. Some myths express that the world itself originated as a huge egg. The world-egg breaks into two halves. The upper half turned into the heavens and the lower half turned into the earth. For millions of years, it has been the tradition to present eggs as gifts at the time of the spring festival. Nowadays, we have fun painting the eggs with bright colors and embellishing them with simple patterns.

There are many craft ideas for Easter available. Some of the popular crafts are Easter baskets, Easter eggs, Easter decorations, many Easter activities for children. The paper baskets are simple to make for kids and fun to fill up with dainties that kids enjoy. Paper baskets are good for any occasion of the year. Make the basket in different shape for different occasions (for example, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, and so on). You must choose right colors of paper that will suit the idea of your baskets (for example, green shamrocks, orange pumpkins, and pink hearts).

You can celebrate Easter with some unique Easter Baskets that your children will remember forever. It is easy and fun to make. Best of all, you can easily decompose it after the festival is over. You can make different patterns of baskets such as a brilliantly colored Easter basket, a wickerwork basket, or even plastic basket. Whatever the pattern of basket you make will work. Do not worry if the basket is not watertight; you can always put a liner in the basket.

Children can make their own colorful Easter Eggs without any confusion and worry. Children enjoy making Easter eggs; however, it can be messy craft if the kids use different bowls of paints to color the eggs. Instead of using various color paints, they can use tissue paper to furnish the colors for their Easter eggs. It is much of fun, less messy, and the kids will like their completed Easter Eggs.

Besides the items discussed above, you can make many other items such as hollow eggs, clay eggs, Ukrainian Easter eggs, Easter bunny, paper flowers, butterflies, and many more to make the Easter festival a memorable one.


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