Homemade Halloween Costumes are Still a Good Idea

When budgets are tight or just for fun, making your Halloween costumes are sometimes better than buying them. Not only does your child learn skills and use their imagination, but you can spend quality time with them making the costume. Most costumes can be made with materials you can find around the house or you can get a lot of good ideas from hobby shops like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. If you use your imagination you can come up with a plethora of ideas that will make your kids happy and will make them appreciate something they have made instead of something they have bought or you have purchased.

A good standby if you are lacking imagination or time is the ghost. Just like Charlie Brown grab a sheet and cut out two holes for eyes. Simple enough, but you can dress the ghost up a little for that extra flair. Put on a pair of sunglasses for a super cool Halloween ghost or where a hat. Mardi Gras beads are a great accessory or any kind of gaudy jewelry can adorn your spirit of the night. Your ghost can be a punk rock ghost by throwing on a colored wig or an anarchy sign on the sheet. It can be a cowboy ghost by putting on a cowboy hat, wearing boots, having a big belt buckle. Everybody dies and your can dress your ghost in about any kind of costume to represent the kind of person your sheet is portraying.

A popular costume which is an insult to some older people is the 1960’s history. Here your child can dig through your old clothes or your parent’s clothes to find flowery shirts and bell bottom pants. If nobody in your home was a hippy, then you can find these types of clothes at a Salvation Army or church clothing bin. You can use sunglasses, preferably the John Lennon type, to decorate your face and add a couple of unicorn or rainbow stickers on your forehead for the really far out look. Vests are a good add on to your hippy Halloween costume as well as earth shoes or old sneakers. If you need some ideas you might want to rent Woodstock or watch some reruns of Laugh In.

Another easy Halloween costume to make is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Just get an oversized shirt and stuff a pillow or a box into the back to simulate the hump of Quasimodo. You might want to cut the britches legs into jagged edges to make it look like a poor bell ringers cloths. Refrain from using western or modern shirts. To look the part you might want to use flannel shirts or a solid colored shirt. A little soot or blackening on the face will give the costume more originality. A cross necklace or a crucifix might be a nice add on. If you want to go for a real original look, use a brown sheet or blanket to make a monks robe.

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